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Investing in the Right Floor Scrubber – How it can pay off in the long-term

Of course there are immediate benefits to purchasing a floor scrubber for cleaning floors however there are long-term benefits as well.

The Benefits of Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

Floor scrubbing machines are popular because of their agility, amount of features, and ease of use. You may have seen ride-on scrubber dryers being used in larger environments. A ride-on scrubber is the ultimate cleaning tool when it comes to efficiency and productivity when cleaning floors in larger areas.

Your Quick Guide to Floor Scrubber Machine Features

There are a lot of floor scrubbers on the market today and each brand has unique offerings when it comes to features and accessories. Here’s a rundown of floor scrubber features to help you in the process of purchasing a floor scrubber for your business.

The Different Types of Floor Sweepers

For many people, not having familiarity with industrial and commercial cleaning can leave them wondering what the difference between Floor Sweepers really is.

Why Should You Choose a Ride-On Sweeper?

Perhaps you own a professional floor cleaning company (or are considering starting one), if so, you likely know that having the appropriate equipment is essential.

A Guide for Selecting the Best Floor Sweeper to Meet Your Needs

If you work in the professional arena, there are many times when a quick, quiet and efficient floor sweeper is a must.

From running a restaurant to maintaining a hotel lobby to even an airport, having equipment which allows you to clean with minimal client disturbance is necessary. Most business owners and individuals know that they need a sweeper but the real challenge lies in finding the perfect one to meet their needs & application.

Why Should I Get a Walk-Behind Scrubber?

A walk-behind scrubber is a great investment for any business to make.  Consider how your cleaning team currently cleans the floor.

  • Do they use a mop and bucket?
  • Do they use excessive water for washing down floors?
  • Do they spot clean and scrub stains by hand?

These methods are not only time-consuming, but also inefficient at removing dirt and stains from flooring.  Walk-behind scrubbers reduce time spent cleaning and require relatively little maintenance to keep working optimally.  While it may cost you some money upfront, a walk-behind scrubber will pay for itself in its effectiveness.

Cost-Effective Cleaning with Industrial Sweepers

High quality cleaning services for your business can be achieved by industrial sweepers. With a vast range of applications and uses, these machines are perfect for even the most difficult of cleaning jobs. They provide a reliable level of cleaning and are fairly inexpensive to maintain.

Why Should I Get a Ride-On Scrubber?

There are so many options available when it comes to picking what kind of floor scrubber is right for your business, it can be hard to make a decision.  Many business owners find that ride-on scrubbers save them and their employees time, money for maintenance, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

Different Ways Floor Scrubbers Can Be Used

Floor scrubbers can be a great benefit because they clean and dry the floors without any significant effort on the part of the operator.  They can work on both small and large surface areas utilising high-speed motors scrubbing and sucking up unwanted waste and debris from a wide variety of floor types.  Where it may take you five or more passes over an area with a mop and bucket or even hand scrubbing to remove a floor stain, a floor scrubber can remove a stubborn stain in one pass without contaminating the clean water with the dirty waste.

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