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Choose Floor Scrubber

What To Consider When Purchasing A Floor Scrubber

It can be the fastest way to clean the floors, but what should you look for when purchasing a floor scrubber? The benefits of a floor scrubber is very clear. First of all, dirty water is collectected into a separate waste tank rather than dipping a mop back into a bucket filled with dark grey water.

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    Less hassles; Our experienced team & technology platform can provide you with the right advice & training to keep you on the go
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    Easy purchasing; We have a wide range of finance & rental solutions making buying very easy
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    Convenience; With our comprehensive partner network across Australia, we can supply & service all areas
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    Reduce your risk; We provide work related risk assessments and on-site training programs
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    Try before you buy; Get hands-on experience with our equipment before you make a purchase
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    Peace of mind; Talk to us about our money back guarantee on our cleaning machines
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    Reduce downtime; Fast turnaround on parts or loan machine supplied while under warranty
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    Flexible warranty; Customise your warranty by using one of our preventative maintenance plans
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    Save time; Tailored product solutions that make the job easy & fast
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    Protect your environment; By using our green chemicals and advanced technology
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Each team member is guided by our principles that we find solutions that work for you

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We believe in training & support in order to reduce cost of ownership for our customer.

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    Meet Expectations

We have worked with hundreds of satisfied customers and have the experience required to meet your requirements.

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    Machinery Catalogue

Click here to request a copy of our 128 page cleaning equipment catalogue.

Cleaning Equipment
Polishers & Rotaries
Cleaning Equipment & Machines

Here at Abco we provide a wide range of cleaning machines that have been manufactured to the highest standard, thus giving us an edge over other solution providers. All equipment has been specifically designed & built to suit the needs of every sector whether it is for commercial, industrial use, hospitality or even institutions. Some equipment we provide include vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers, pressure washers, carpet extractors, rotaries including encapsulation machines among many other types of cleaning machines. Spare parts, servicing and repairs to most brands of cleaning machines is another service that Abco provides at very competitive rates.

We service the major capital cities of Australia, including most regional areas.
Floor Scrubbers

Most people & companies want to invest or buy floor scrubbers that are reliable, powerful and robust. They are also looking for scrubbers that are versatile and can work in different & difficult floor applications. There are many flooring types being manufactured each year that look aesthetically great and yet have nonslip characteristics built in making it a well sought after floor type particularly for the hospitality industry. Sourcing the right scrubber is not so easy. You need to speak with a company that has the experience and technical background in supplying the right cleaning equipment for each cleaning application. The team at Abco has the experience to source industry leading scrubbers that are not only rugged but also most cost effective in the region. Abco have available hand held scrubbers, walk behind auto scrubbers, push brush assist scrubbers, pedestrian auto scrubber dryers & ride on scrubbers. Some of these also use disc and or cylindrical type brushes which both have their uses for cleaning different floor types. We go to great depth in researching and developing our scrubbers making them the best in the industry for each floor type. In addition, we service most makes and brands of scrubbers. This provides us hands on experience with what actually works and can stand up to the harsh environment & cleaning conditions within Australia.

See our full range of Scrubbers – Small & large scrubbers for all your needs

Steam Cleaners

Sourcing a reliable commercial steam cleaner can be a challenge. Many companies talk of quality but very few are able to provide the commercial steam quality that most commercial users require. With Abco when we speak of quality, we mean it and that’s why people prefer our commercial range of steam cleaners. We provide a wide range of steam machines for everyday use in various sectors. Whether it’s for home use, institutions, hospitals or hotels we have the right model for you that will make your cleaning experience successful.

See our full range of Steam Cleaners – Low and high pressure steam machines

Floor Sweepers

Abco provides a wide range of floor sweepers for commercial and industrial applications that are well proven and have international status. Our range of sweepers provide you with the most efficient way of cleaning your warehouse, carpark, large factory or even institutions. They are designed and manufactured with unique time saving and safety features that make our sweepers durable and robust. They can be used for a wide range of surfaces as they provide cost effective cleaning solutions for a range of different floor surfaces and sweeping applications. Abco engage with their customers to identify their exact sweeping needs including the surface that needs regular sweeping in order to provide the most competitive sweeping solution. When you purchase a sweeper from Abco you are guaranteed that you are purchasing reliable and cost efficient equipment that will be a great investment and ultimately save money.

See our full range of Sweepers – From push behind to large ride on sweepers

Carpet Extractors

We recognise the need for our customers to have only the best and reliable compact carpet cleaning equipment. Our portable carpet extractors have a well backed warranty that ensures great customer satisfaction and provides the best return on investment. The extractors are generally manufactured in USA or Europe and are made from material that is robust yet lighter making the equipment easy to transport and taken upstairs for multi-level apartments. When exploring portable carpet extractors or encapsulation speak with the team at Abco and share your wish list in order to secure the best carpet extractor for your application and needs.

See our full range of Carpet Extraction – Spotters to professional extraction machines

Polishers / Burnishers / Rotaries

If you are looking for a clean polish on all surfaces, then you need a rotary machine that is robust and durable and still portable. Abco services most brands of rotary machines hence we source the best technology to give you an easy experience with a great clean finish on your floors. We have a range of polishers and burnishers that are either electric, LPG, gas, or battery operated all of which clean different surfaces. Some floor materials do need rotary cleaning to be performed at different speeds. These speeds can range from 200 rpm through to 2000 rpm.

Our rotary cleaning machines have been designed for most floor surfaces, speeds and types of cleaning applications. From spraying, scrubbing, or simply polishing our wide range of rotary machines will perform effectively.

Abco is a leading supplier of a large range of polishers, burnishers and rotary cleaning machines that are robust and durable. They meet the rigorous demand of cleaning needs regardless of the size or floor type & texture.

See our full range of Polishers/Rotaries – Single disk, three disk & propane machines


Abco carry a wide array of vacuum solutions to meet the demands for an efficient vacuum system. That’s why all our products are made to meet the industry standard of products that make cleaning easy and more cost effective. Our vacuum cleaners are manufactured with the highest grade of materials that make them durable and robust for the most demanding cleaning environment. Through innovations and research we continue to reduce the cost of cleaning with our state of the art vacuum cleaners. We have a wide variety of commercial & industrial vacuum cleaners from backpack, upright, wide area, canister in electric and battery power.

See our full range of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners – Both dry, wet and dry commercial machines


We service what we sell and are experts in repairing and maintaining most makes of powered cleaning equipment.

Our factory trained service staff offer onsite repairs and preventative maintenance on all types and brands of cleaning and industrial equipment including automatic scrubbers, ride-on, sweepers, vacuums, extractors, burnishes, steam machines, concrete rejuvenation equipment and floor machines.

  • Professionally Trained Technicians
  • On-Site Service
  • Programmed Maintenance
  • Parts
  • Value-Added Services
  • Anytime Service Requests

We have service provision available in most capital cities of Australia for various brands of cleaning machines including Hako, Truvox, Cleanfix, Nilfisk, Karcher, Kranzle, Columbus, Wizard, Suresweep, Adiatek, Caddy Clean, Polivac, Razorback, Steamvac, Windsor, Stolzenberg, Lincoln, Steam master, Spit Water, IPC, Clark Equipment, Tennant, Fimap, Powerblast, Tomcat, Pacvac, Multiwash, Rotowash, Rotomac, Cleano, Eurosteam, BAR, Cleantech, Comac, Surevac and more.

For more information about Servicing, please contact us.