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The Benefits of Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

Floor scrubbing machines are popular because of their agility, amount of features, and ease of use. You may have seen ride-on scrubber dryers being used in larger environments. A ride-on scrubber is the ultimate cleaning tool when it comes to efficiency and productivity when cleaning floors in larger areas.

The ability to ride saves a considerable amount of employee time spent cleaning. They are specifically designed to save businesses time and money by covering large areas in one pass and requiring little effort to use and maintain.

Ride-on scrubbers are most frequently found in large commercial settings, retail environments, airports and a warehouse or factory. For smaller spaces, walk-behind scrubbers mostly tend to work better because they can get into all the tight areas.

Mops and buckets are now a thing of the past particularly where the floors are being designed to prevent accidents with Non-Slip surfaces. More and many facilities & businesses throughout Australia are utilising ride on scrubbers that can automatically clean and dry the floor in one pass. In addition to scrubber dryers there is a wide variety of options available to maintain floor cleaning including steam, buffers, vacuums, polishers, sweepers, and more. Cleaning larger floor areas has never been this easy!

Most scrubber dryers are powered using batteries, but some utilise 240Volt. The larger ride on units can rely on LPG or diesel.

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