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Carpet Cleaning Guide
Carpet Cleaning Buyers Guide

Common carpet cleaning machinery consist of various models and combinations including the commercial vacuum cleaner which uses a vacuum motor to suck dirt, dust & debris from carpets.

The correct vacuum is an upright with a turbo brush that has the power to potentially vibrate & loosen dirt or sand from the pile rather than a standard vacuum. Although a standard vacuum can be of some benefit it is only taking the dirt from the top of the pile.

Other carpet cleaners are generally referred to as carpet shampooers but more recently referred to as carpet extractors, and they take the cleaning process a step further by injecting a cleaning solution into the carpet and extracting the fluid and dirt. These units can be truck/van mounted or are portable whereby they are taken to the area that needs cleaning so maximum suction can be achieved. Most of these carpet cleaners also come with attachments & accessories or have options available that allow them to clean upholstery as well.

As stated earlier, it is recommended to use a vacuum first which has that brush feature before an extractor as it is always easier to remove dry dirt rather than wet dirt out of the carpet. This will also save unnecessary wear on the extractor.

A cleaning solution can then be applied to the carpet particularly where heavy soiled marks apply and often this chemical works very effectively allowing it to dwell for a few minutes before the carpet extractor or shampooer is used complete the cleaning process.

Some portable carpet extractors or shampooers use cold water to clean. There are also models that have their own heater element built-in and can produce temperatures up to 98 degree Celsius for sanitizing applications and removing the toughest stains.

The name, carpet steam cleaner is an old terminology that is often referred to regarding a shampooer or extractor that has heat technology however it’s important to note that steam cleaners are not to be used for general carpet cleaning. Some steam cleaners can have temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius & are not appropriate for general use on carpets. They can be used for sanitizing, spot cleaning and other various cleaning applications such as hard surfaces like glass, tile, natural stone or range hoods. In addition, not all carpets can be cleaned with hot water, so you need to ensure you have a carpet cleaner that can offer you the flexibility of cleaning with cold water. Some carpets with natural fibres will not tolerate hot water and removing any blood needs to be carried out with cold water.

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