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Choosing a Floor Scrubber To Save You Thousands

If you’ve been armed with the task of shopping for a new floor scrubber or you are a business owner looking for a new floor scrubber, you have some important questions to ask in order to determine what’s the best floor scrubber for you.

Here are five steps to lead you through the project of purchasing the right floor scrubber for your business:

  1. Decide what kind of power source you want to utilise.  There are battery and electric versions of floor scrubbers available.  A battery-operated machine is more maneuverable and can cover more ground because it doesn’t have a power cord attached to it.  On the negative side, battery operated floor scrubbers can be a greater investment than electric floor scrubbers.  Electric machines can tend to require less maintenance however the battery technology is improving every year.
  2. Determine what level of machine you need.  Some are only built for light commercial where as others are designed for heavy commercial through to industrial applications. A cheaper floor scrubber designed for the light commercial use will not have a long life span if used in a factory environment where conditions are harsh.
  3. Compare the size of your cleaning location to the size of the machine.  Determine how long it would take for your team member to clean the area and then how long it would take the machine to clean the area.  When manufacturers offer their estimates for how long it takes to clean a given area, remember that those are just that estimates.  Ask someone who has actual experience with a machine for a more an accurate figure.
  4. Consider your budget.  Buying brand new is not the only option.  You could purchase a refurbished floor scrubber to suit your needs.  If you are buying a product from a brand that is known for its high quality, longevity and ease to obtain spare parts and support then buying used or preowned may not be a bad thing.  But be weary of a super-low price tag, because that may just result in more money spent later to repair the unit just to make it run.

Estimate what it will cost to own the machine.  Look at what accessories you need to make the unit work for you and how much it will be to purchase those.  Look at the actual operating costs, including scheduled routine maintenance, commonly replaced parts, and replacing accessories, before making a purchasing decision.

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