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Choosing the Right Floor Scrubber or Sweeper for You

Having a clean work environment makes for more efficiency and healthier employees. A healthy work team mean less time off with more work being done making the business profitable. In addition, having a clean place to work reduces stress and makes everyone just a little happier.

Choosing the right tools and equipment to achieve cleanliness is not an easy task.  Here is specific information to help you choose the right floor scrubber or sweeper for your business.

Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers clean surfaces as if they have been polished.  They not only look clean but feel clean as well.  There are many options available when purchasing for floor scrubbers.

There are numerous brands of floor scrubbers.  For example, Truvox and Columbus, are two European brands that have been in the business of manufacturing floor scrubbers for many decades.  They have a wide variety of models to choose from starting from the very smallest of 35 cm through to 1 meter wide. The best way to get started is knowing the size of the area to be cleaned and how frequent you wish to clean. That helps to determine the right size of scrubber to suit your business needs.

Knowing what kind of surface is to be cleaned will also help in choosing a scrubber and particularly the type of brush or pad to be used.  Some surfaces are smooth, while others are rough, like some concrete finishes.  Not all models are good for all surfaces due to their design.  Another factor to take into consideration is how you want to power the scrubber.  Scrubbers can be powered by gas, battery or electric.

Floor Sweepers

For outdoor jobs, factories, warehouses and street sweeping projects, sweepers can be used for city streets, industrial lots, and parking lots.  As you can imagine, locating this kind of cleaning equipment is different to sourcing the right scrubber.

There are numerous brands of sweepers.  For example, Suresweep sweepers that has been manufactured in Germany by Stolzenberg for over 130 years.

When researching sweepers, you need to consider firstly the area, type of surface and how frequent the floor sweeping is to be carried out.

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