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About Columbus

Columbus cleaning machines are recognised across the world for their quality and efficiency. Alphaclean is proud to be one of Australia’s leading suppliers and service providers of Columbus products. We believe in supporting the world’s leading brands to bring the ultimate choice in cleaning machines to you, our customers.

Columbus is a customer oriented company which focuses on bringing you some of the easiest to use and most efficient cleaning machines on the market. They work with one eye on the future, aiming to develop new technology and products which will help to meet the needs of people across the world in the years to come. By continually improving their cleaning machines and products, Columbus is able to maintain their great reputation as a world leader in cleaning machine development. Not only does this show their commitment to their own success, but it also shows just how much they care about you, the customer, and all of your problems.

Columbus prides itself on its sustainable, responsible approach to business. Every Columbus employee is treated with respect, and all forms of discrimination and harassment are absolutely eliminated from the workplace.

Columbus uses environmentally friendly techniques to reduce their carbon footprint and their contribution to climate change. This means that their products are developed with the safety and protection of the environment, human life, and health at the front of their minds.

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