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Why It’s Essential to Have a Clean Work Space

When it comes to your working environment, first impressions and aesthetics always count – for both your customers and your employees.

Work spaces are not only functional areas; they communicate a company’s culture and brand values. As such, how you organise and present your work space, whether it’s a medical clinic, creative agency, or other professional service, should be a major priority.

Professionalism and commitment

Clean, organised work spaces communicate professionalism and competence, whether the customer is consciously assessing your environment or making a subconscious evaluation. If you and your staff are greeting clients in a messy, dirty, and even odorous office, it’s quite reasonable for your customers to assume your business’s level of commitment and attention to detail is lacking. Poorly maintained, dirty work spaces can suggest incompetence and indifference about the quality of the services or the products that you’re delivering for your customers.

Company and brand image

Clients are also likely to assume things about your brand and company culture if they see that you operate in a dirty, disorganised work space. Over the longer term, poor brand and company image can lead to distrust and reduce client loyalty.

A clean, well-kept reception area and spotless consultation rooms conveys your brand is one that can be trusted, and one that has a culture of excellence and quality. Creating a great first impression starts with both your presentation of the physical space in which you work, as well as how you welcome clients.


A clean office and workspace encourages better health, for both customers and staff members. Cleanliness results in better hygiene; for spaces such as medical waiting rooms it’s especially important, as it helps ensure patients aren’t exposed to excessive germs, dust, lint, pollen, or other allergens.

Clean workplaces also encourages employee health and productivity, which can translate to fewer sick days. Regular and thorough cleaning controls the level of germs being spread around the office, and it can reduce the amount of dust and other allergens that can accumulate in things like dirty air ducts and dusty surfaces.

Dirty work spaces with rotting food crumbs and leftovers can encourage pests and vermin, which can impact staff and client health, as well as require building repairs if left unaddressed for a long time. In extreme cases, dirty workplaces can become a work, safety and health compliance issue.

Morale and culture

Cleanliness can boost morale and business culture by facilitating employee satisfaction. Research has shown that an overwhelming percentage of employees believe their workplace represents whether they’re valued by their employer. Some employees have said they’re ashamed to bring colleagues, clients or even family members to their workplace. The majority of employees consider their office decor to be highly important. Simple aesthetic additions can boost morale, and a great starting point is improved cleanliness.

While professional cleaning is the best way to ensure cleanliness to a consistent standard, youshould also involve your employees in maintaining their workspaces.


An overwhelming proportion of employees believe they’re more productive in a cleaner work environment. Clean work environments are more conducive to health, but they’re also consistent with better organisation, good morale, and a strong company culture. Too much clutter impedes productivity, and in turn service and product quality. Decluttered workspaces are cleaner, and staff members are more likely to be able to find what they need quickly.

Tips for maintaining a clean workspace

Clearly, maintaining a clean workspace has benefits for your brand, your staff, and your company image. There are a few simple things that any business can do to maintain a high level of cleanliness all year round.

  • Use a cleaning service – A regular cleaning program is core to maintaining a clean office. You’re not only ensuring that your work environment is kept clean according to a regular schedule, you’re also making sure it’s done by experts who are equipped with specialist cleaning tools and products to get the job done right.
  • Encourage a clean culture – Tidiness is essential to cleanliness and good organisation. Encourage employees to keep things tidy and clean, and provide them with organisational tools (such as filing cabinets and software storage space)  to keep digital files to paperwork tidy. Outline clear expectations for cleanliness and acceptable amounts of clutter.
  • Empower employees – Make employees take charge of their workspaces and take pride in their offices and workstations.
  • Add aesthetic elements – Adding unique decorative elements such as wall features, pot plants and even fun light ornaments can encourage everyone to take pride in their work environment, and encourage them to be more committed to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.

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