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For businesses in the commercial cleaning industry, we can help you get the equipment you need to offer a diverse range of services and to help you grow your business.

Equipment finance makes good business sense when looking to acquire new assets for your business, without the need to dip into important cash reserves.

  • No Deposit Required
  • Maximise Your Cash Flow
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  • Free Up Your Capital
  • Flexible End Of Term Options
  • Easy Accounting

At Alphaclean we specialise in tailoring the best finance leasing plan or a fully maintained rental plan depending on your situation.

The length of terms generally vary from 1-5 years. The equipment is fully maintained on a regular basis by specialist service personnel, thus ensuring maximum performance with perfect results on your floors.

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Residual finance lease offered by Alphaclean to our business customers. Sole traders, companies partnerships, corporate or government entities and home businesses can lease our machines over an agreed specified term of 3-5 years, paying monthly repayments. A small pre-determined residual value of the equipment can be paid at the end of the term which would ensure full ownership of the equipment

Benefits of a Finance Lease

Customers can elect a 3,4, or 5 year lease term to suit their budget – the longer the term, the lower the monthly payments.
The residual is pre-determined, making the leasing agreement transparent, with no hidden costs, apart from 1 month’s lease prepayment.
No deposit is required.

Tax Deductible

Because equipment leased under the residual lease, is to be used for business or income production, the lease payments are typically tax deductible.
Tax deductibility, combined with fixed monthly payments helps commercial users manage their budgets.

For quick approval over the phone, call us and we will take care of the rest for you.


Rental can make sense when cash is tight, as many businesses are experiencing at present.
There are no big up-front costs to find. You would just have a flat monthly payment to make over the agreed term.
There are other benefits to renting ie., whenever the rental term ceases, you can upgrade your existing equipment by replacing it with the latest model.
Another advantage to renting is that maintenance is included, thus avoiding any possible extra expenses and time hassles that may occur with equipment that was company owned.

Many businesses opt to rent sweepers and scrubbers because these items tend to depreciate in value rather quickly, so to rent avoids the problem of upkeep and disposal costs.
What is the main difference between renting or leasing?

A lease, is slightly more expensive than to rent, but at the end of the term you actually own the equipment – surely a great asset if there is a tight cash flow which has never allowed for the purchase of equipment outright.

When renting, the equipment is fully maintained and serviced, but is returned to Alphaclean at the end of the agreement period. If the agreement is renewed then new equipment is supplied.