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How a Floor Scrubber Can Improve Your Business

Most facilities of any significant size require a commercial or industrial floor scrubber to keep the floor surface clean and free of debris, which otherwise may cause accidents and injuries.

Most facilities want to perform cleaning tasks without interfering with their employee’s ability to conduct their activities by obstructing walkways with equipment or by having wet floors.  The good news is that with a floor scrubber, the equipment can apply a cleaning solution onto the floor to break down dirt and grime along with a brush or pad to agitate and then follows up by a squeegee, vacuum, or a combination thereof to completely dry the floor after cleaning.

It is clear that a floor scrubber and or a sweeper would be beneficial for your company making it safer and present a more professional image. There are many variants that can determine which floor scrubber is the right one for your business.  Some factors to consider are;

  • The size of the space to be cleaned
  • The type and amount of dirt and debris to be cleaned
  • The texture or makeup of the dirt and debris to be cleaned, and
  • The type of flooring to be cleaned

Consider the following when selecting the correct floor scrubber or sweeper for your business:

1.  Do you need sweeping?  Scrubbing?  Both?  Sweepers tend to be better at collecting large items of debris like small chunks of metal, timber or plastic.  Scrubbers are better at cleaning up major fluid spills of liquids including oils, food liquids or simply just water.

2.  Ride-on or walk behind?  Ride on scrubbers can cover larger areas and make it easier for the operator, however, because they can be generally larger in size, it can be more difficult to get them into narrow & tighter spaces.  Push & walk behind scrubbers are great for getting into tighter areas, but they can take longer and require more physical effort than a ride on scrubber.

3. What type of surface are you cleaning?  Scrubbers are best for cleaning hard floors that need a fairly dust free environment.  In addition to the scrubber, you will may need different accessories to suit your cleaning needs.  Depending on the surface to be cleaned, you may need different kinds of brushes or pads.

Answering these questions will help in choosing the best floor scrubber or sweeper for your business.

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