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Floor scrubbers are tools used to clean hard flooring. Their name implies how they work; they actually scrub the floor to remove dirt, spills, and residue. They are particularly useful for removing hard-to -clean oil-based chemicals and grease. They are also great for removing stains and gunk that have accumulated over time. Floor scrubbers are unique in that they can be used to clean a variety of floors in a variety of ways.

Good for Hard-to-Clean Flooring

A good floor scrubber can clean hard-to-clean flooring such as non-slip safety flooring, low pile carpets, entrance and exit mats, escalators, tiles, and grout. When using a floor scrubber to clean these kinds of surfaces you can be sure that it will do the job to clean the area without harming the surface. Other floor cleaners can be abrasive and will damage certain kinds of flooring. Most floor scrubbers have a different choice of brushes or pads, which should be chosen carefully to alleviate any potential damage to the floor.

Quick Dry Time

Floor scrubbers are often referred to as auto scrubbers meaning they automatically dry the floor and are especially designed for use in areas that cannot be inaccessible for long periods of time due to safety and health reasons. For example, a hospital corridor or school hallway cannot be wet for long periods of time in order to be used effectively. Floor scrubbers are equipped to do the job of cleaning and leaving the floor dry within minutes.


If you need cleaning to be done during the day when your business or facility is open and operating, a noisy machine can be extremely disruptive to both employees and customers. A floor scrubber is generally quiet enough to be used during normal operating hours without causing noisy interruptions however this is a crucial item that needs to be explored when searching for the right auto floor scrubber.

Highly Effective  

Not only will a floor scrubber give you the best cleaning solution, it is also efficient. Using a floor scrubber will make your cleaning team efficient and productive. It can literally save hours because of its ease of use and how well it gets the job done. There will be no need to employ extra manpower when utilizing scrubbers. Just use a floor scrubber and get your cleaning job done in minutes rather than hours using traditional cleaning methods. The correct floor scrubber can scrub the floor up to four times faster than a mop & bucket. The floor scrubber is built to glide over the floor with its wide wheelbase. In addition, Alphaclean can provide the correct scrubber where it’s easy to use and navigate into tight spaces.

Floor scrubbers come equipped with clean water tanks as small as 10 litres up to 100 litres. With such a large tank, your cleaning team won’t need to stop and constantly refill the cleaning solution. Also, battery operated floor scrubbers can increase cleaning efficiency because they can last up to a few hours before requiring a recharge. A long battery life means that a large cleaning job can be completed uninterrupted.

Lastly, floor scrubbers are designed to be easy to use. They come equipped with controls that can be easily adjusted to accommodate the user’s height. This allows for less strain on the user’s back than a traditional mop.

Training & Support

When selecting your floor scrubber or cleaner, it is best to qualify what support comes with the machine. Training videos are the best given that you may have cleaners change frequently and with smart phone access you want to be able to get the right video support easily.

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