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What You Need to Look for in a Scrubber

Some stains on many floor surfaces can be especially stubborn and difficult to remove. To work on removing a stubborn stain, scrub the surface to remove residue and neutralize the area.

A combination of water and ammonia or baking soda should be used first, following by a rinse of water.  The idea of having to clean concrete can be intimidating.  But, it doesn’t have to be hard.  With the right tools and products, you can restore your concrete floor to its original shape and enjoy it for years to come.

Your Business Property and Why You Should Have a Floor Scrubber

Floor scrubbers are vital pieces of cleaning equipment when it comes to keeping your business property in great shape.  Having one dedicated solely for use in your business is the best way to ensure that you’ll be able to quickly and easily clean the flooring at a moment’s notice so the image can be always professional.

Floor scrubbers are readily available from cleaning equipment specialists, as well as online via the internet.  You can find floor scrubbers at a vast range of price points, however researching for a quality machine up front will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs over the long-haul.

Using a floor scrubber at your office or business will help to keep germs at bay.  When there are less germs lingering around, you and your employees will stay healthier and more efficient and effective at work.

In addition to removing germs, a floor scrubber can also remove all those kinds of liquids (oil, grease, dirt pile up) and other materials that spill onto floors and can cause accidents and injuries.  Less spills means less injuries. Less injury means a safer workplace for you and your employees.

Some scrubbers work better for different surfaces.  For example, a scrubber that works on tile or timber flooring will not always work as well on carpets.  Look around your workplace and determine what kinds of flooring you have as that will guide you in deciding what kind of scrubber is best for your business.

Another indirect benefit of using a floor scrubber is that working in a clean space makes for happier employees.  We all enjoy clean and fresh spaces.  If we can work in an area that is clean and free from germs and debris, it increases our productivity and willingness to work.

Likewise, your customers and clients will be impressed with your clean facility if you use a floor scrubber.  Taking pride and putting in the extra effort to make sure your business is clean and looking great conveys to your customers that you are professional and take pride in your work.

Cleanliness is especially important if your business serves food or beverage to customers.  This is why most fast food chains require floor scrubbers in their stores and restaurants.   Health regulations impose certain cleanliness standards and going beyond those to make your facility extra clean with a floor scrubber will reap you a reputation for cleanliness and extreme professionalism.

Factories also need floor machines to keep their surfaces clean.  A fall at a factory due to an inadequate cleaned spill could spell disaster for employees because of dangerous equipment and chemicals.  Cleaning with a mop and bucket doesn’t do a sufficient job of completely removing spills and messes.  A floor scrubber will finish the job and remove all of the remaining chemicals and residue.  Columbus floor scrubbers are an industrial commercial-grade equipment designed & manufactured in Germany for cleaning and removing most type of substance from a floor.  A broom and dustpan or mop and bucket just can’t compare with a well-made piece of equipment like a Columbus floor scrubber.

To get the best results, you should use your floor scrubber at least a day. This will keep your business looking great and even your team will feel great about it as well.

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