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Why Should I Get a Walk-Behind Scrubber?

A walk-behind scrubber is a great investment for any business to make. Consider how your cleaning team currently cleans the floor.

  • Do they use a mop and bucket?
  • Do they use excessive water for washing down floors?
  • Do they spot clean and scrub stains by hand?

These methods are not only time-consuming, but also inefficient at removing dirt and stains from flooring.  Walk-behind scrubbers reduce time spent cleaning and require relatively little maintenance to keep working optimally.  While it may cost you some money upfront, a walk-behind scrubber will pay for itself in its effectiveness.

Here are just some of the ways a walk-behind scrubber can benefit your business:

  • If you have a small, medium, or large facility, a walk-behind scrubber can reduce your daily expense incurred for cleaning and scrubbing floors.  These machines are designed to clean in one pass, leaving the floor walkable immediately thereafter.
  • Walk-behind scrubbers work well in small areas and clean areas much better than the traditional method of using a mop and bucket and with new technology this is improving every year for smaller spaces.
  • The power and speed at which walk-behind scrubbers work is impressive.  A walk-behind scrubber can do in as little as ten minutes what a person with a mop and bucket can do in an hour. In addition the dirty water is collected into a different waste department meaning that the scrubber only applies clean water.
  • You can use a walk-behind scrubber on a variety of surfaces, tile, concrete, and rubber, to name a few.  Walk-behind scrubbers generally come with an assortment of attachments and brushes, making it easy to clean any number of surfaces with the same scrubber.
  • They are easy to get into hard-to-reach places to clean, unlike larger scrubbing machines and this is only getting better with new compact technology.
  • Walk-behind scrubbing machines are quiet, easy to use, and compact.  They are environmentally friendly and inexpensive compared to larger industrial versions.

The list of benefits of using a walk-behind scrubber goes on and on.  Using them allows you to be more efficient in your business and save time, while maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your business.

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