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Choosing a Floor Scrubber To Save You Thousands

If you’re finally ready to get down to work and clean your floor you’ve been avoiding for months, well, let’s get started. You can remove some dirt and dust from your concrete floor using only water. But to get at those set–in stains, you will need a floor scrubber.

But to get at those set–in stains, you will need a floor scrubber.  In fact, many contract cleaners recommend that you clean your concrete floor with a floor scrubber before you wash the floor in a traditional way.  Because concrete is porous, dirt and grimes seeps into the pores, nooks, and crannies, and is extremely hard to remove.  Knowing what a floor scrubber is and how they work can help you save extra effort the next time you have a floor-cleaning project.  

Floor scrubbers work by agitating up dirt and breaking it up, then surrounding it and sucking it up.  Floor scrubbers can be used to clean a large combination of materials, liquids, and textures on many and various floor types.

  • Substances that are sticky – Some substances are stickier and more resistant to clean-up than others.  For example, heavy, industrial grade glues and caulk, once they attach to a surface are extremely hard to scrape or wipe off.  This is where a floor scrubber can come in and save the day.  Using a floor scrubber in combination with a concrete cleaner can do the job to remove the sticky substance however it is vital that the correct chemical are sourced and used to break down the waste material.
  • Grease and Oil – A common problem that plagues many property owners are oil and grease stains in driveways, parking lots, and other concrete surfaces.  Fortunately, cleaning these kinds of messes and spills are the most common use for floor scrubbers.  Again, a combination of a concrete cleaner and a floor scrubber can sufficiently do the job to remove oil and grease from many porous surfaces.
  • Rust – Rust stains are especially problematic as they can deeply set into concrete surfaces.  Generally, a scrubber along with a certain kind of acid can effectively remove rust stains however it does depend in how well set in the rust stain is.

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