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Commercial Cleaning Equipment & Advice for Commercial Cleaning

We understand the Commercial Cleaning Industry

  • When the latest cleaning technology determines your business success, you need a partner you can count on, now and into the future. Our cleaning equipment enables you to minimize the cost of cleaning and machine down-time.
  • We service most brands of cleaning equipment and have preventative maintenance options for most requirements.
  • We have a wide range of equipment specifically designed for the commercial cleaning contractor.
  • We provide training and consultation.
  • We are truly a one stop shop for people managing a cleaning business.
Commercial Cleaning Industry

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Service & Support

Below are the areas we provide cleaning solutions for in the Commercial Cleaning Industry:

  • Janitorial Supplies & Services
  • Carpet & Upholstery Services
  • Building Cleaning Services (BCS)
  • Flood Restoration
  • Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Security & Cleaning
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Our Top 6 Machines For The

Commercial Cleaning

CaddyClean Classic

CaddyClean Classic
A unique versatile scrubbing machine developed for professionals. Find out more>>

SureSweep SM900
900mm sweeping path. Twin Roller System [TRS] ensuring highly efficient collection of materials. Find out more>>

Scrubber Dryer

Truvox Multiwash 340P
All Purpose Scrubber Dryer, 4L Tank/Pump & 34cm Cleaning Width. Find out more>>

Columbus RA35B
35CM Battery scrubber, integrated charger with connection cable, suitable for gel batteries. Find out more>>

Columbus RA55BM40
55cm Battery scrubber dryer is available in various specifications – for multiple applications on all floors. Find out more>>

Columbus RA66BM60
66cm Battery scrubber – Residue-free cleanliness is ensured even for rough or heavily soiled floors, with adjustable brush pressure. Find out more>>

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Commercial Cleaning Equipment For Commercial Cleaning

At Alphaclean, our top product range is always growing, so that we can provide quality service to our customers, and stay ahead of the game. We have a wide variety of floor cleaning solutions for all different sectors of the commercial cleaning industry. Additionally, we provide training for all of the machines and consultation. This ensures that you and your workers will feel safe while using the equipment, but also that it’s being used effectively, so that your business may benefit.

From smaller and more personal cleans in a commercial customer’s home to janitorial supplies for a sizeable corporate building, Alphaclean is truly a one-stop shop for the commercial cleaning industry. All of the necessary cleaning equipment for your commercial business can be found here. We have multipurpose machines to fit your different needs and provide solutions for:

  • Janitorial Supplies & Services
  • Carpet & Upholstery Services
  • Building Cleaning Services (BCS)
  • Flood Restoration
  • Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Security & Cleaning
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Alphaclean provides high-quality equipment for both industrial and janitorial cleaning services. Creating a safe and hygienic environment for your customers can be difficult to maintain, but not when you have the right tools. Our machines deliver outstanding results for commercial cleaning professionals. Companies are able to clean easily and more effectively with use of Alphaclean’s products.

Take a look at Alphaclean’s most popular commercial cleaning product, the CaddyClean Classic. This machine is easy to assemble and runs on batteries, so you can take it anywhere without restrictions. It’s especially useful for commercial cleaning companies and janitorial industries as it can clean a multitude of surfaces, including: stairs, floors, tile walls, under toilets, sink and countertops, and even the grates surrounding a pool.

With a simple adjustment, the CaddyClean Classic is a two-for-one machine, and can also transform into the portable CaddyClean Handy. The CaddyClean Handy prevents your hands from interacting with chemicals, while its twin brush system provides a deep clean to areas such as: shower recesses, grout and non-slip tiles, pool edges, stair treads, bench tops, ceilings & walls, cupboards, and much more. This cleaning product is perfect for keeping public spaces hygienic, especially those with a lot of traffic.

The machines we have offer an inclusive range of water damage and flood restoration services, which are vital for preserving and restoring your property or building after a flood. Mold is a potentially hazardous result of flood and water damage. Normally, the inside of your building is relatively dry and mold-free. A flood changes all this. It introduces moisture into the environment, which is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold is both destructive to your facility and to the well being of those inside, who breathe the contaminated air. By utilizing Alphaclean’s powerful equipment such as a vacuum or scrubber dryer, you can minimize the damage caused by flooding and restore your building to its original state.

For carpet and upholstery services, we have a range of vacuums such as tub & backpacks, upright, and wide area cleaners. Depending on the size of the building your company encounters, you can also use our ride on cleaners for industrial use. At Alphaclean, we use highly innovative technology to provide excellent dust control and filtration. While you are cleaning carpets and upholstery, our machines are trapping the allergen causing particles, and maintaining a safe surrounding air quality.

The Truvox VWav is a wide-area vacuum cleaner, so you can cover up to 2.5 of more space in less time. With a powerful motor supplying the 1800-rpm brush, you can release ingrained dirt and revive pile carpet. It also has a four-stage clean-air filtration system, which can remove even the smallest dust particles in sizes all the way down to 0.3 microns. This Truvox VWav is just one of the many effective vacuums cleaners Alphaclean can supply for your cleaning needs.

Alphaclean can be the supplier you count on for all of the latest cleaning technology to help your business succeed. We service most brands of cleaning equipment and have preventative maintenance options to keep your machines up and running. Our cleaning gear is created with you in mind to minimize the cost of cleaning and machine downtime, so you can save money and earn more.

With our wide range of high-quality and long lasting cleaning equipment, Alphaclean is guaranteed to have the right machines for commercial cleaning to save your company time, money, and surpass the expectations of customers in the commercial cleaning industry.