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Commercial Cleaning Equipment & Advice for Waste Management

We understand the Waste Management Industry

  • Our technology solutions will enhance productivity and provide a cleaner safer environment for customer and employees.
  • We service most brands of cleaning equipment and have preventative maintenance options for most requirements.
  • We have a wide range of equipment specifically designed for waste management industry.
  • We provide training and consultation.
  • We are truly a one stop shop for the waste management industry.
Waste Management Industry

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Below are the areas we provide cleaning solutions for in the Waste Management Industry:

  • Processing Facilities
  • Transfer Stations
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Office & Corporate

Our Top 6 Machines For The

Waste Management Industry

SUREVAC SV2 – Aussie Back Pack. Find out more>>

SureSweep SM900
900mm sweeping path. Twin Roller System [TRS] ensuring highly efficient collection of materials. Find out more>>

SureSweep ST910
900mm sweeping path. Self propelled making sweeping easier. Find out more>>

Matrix SV4 Steam Cleaner
Commercial Steam & Vacuum 4.5 Bar pressure. Find out more>>

Columbus RA55BM

Columbus RA55BM40
55cm Battery scrubber dryer is available in various specifications – for multiple applications on all floors. Find out more>>


SureSweep STR1100 HD
1000mm sweeping path. Ride on sweeper with TRS & High Dump, ensuring highly efficient collection. Find out more>>

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Commercial Cleaning Equipment For Waste Management

The conditions and hot weather in Australia are not the best for an environment filled with waste. With the endless heat and dust, and some areas located remotely, reliable cleaning supplies are essential in the waste management industry. When safety and sanitation are key to maintaining efficient operations and profitability, Alphaclean’s industrial product family is designed to meet your demanding cleaning needs.

At Alphaclean, we surpass these needs with our innovative cleaning equipment. As a leading provider of cleaning solutions in the Australia, we are a reliable source for a wide range of equipment specifically designed for the waste management industry. We manufacture superior commercial cleaning equipment specifically for maintaining a safe facility, while ensuring your machine’s longevity with available preventative maintenance and contracts.

From the corporate side of cleaning waste management offices to the actual transfer stations and processing plants, Alphaclean is truly a one-stop shop for project managers in the waste management industry.

We have multipurpose machines to fit your different needs and provide solutions for:

  • Processing Facilities
  • Transfer Stations
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Office & Corporate

Processing plants and manufacturing sites can be dirty and dangerous. Any discarded material left behind only increases the risk, so it is important to have dependable equipment to keep your site clean. Alphaclean provides the finest equipment for the waste management industry. Maintaining a clean and safe environment can be easy with Alphaclean’s products. Check out the variety of machines that can make cleaning on a wide-scale easier for your industry.

The SureVac SV2 is an Australian backpack vacuum cleaner. It has remained a well liked and popular product since 1985, and with its continually powerful performance, it’s no secret why. Despite its strong design, this backpack is lightweight, weighing in at only 4.1 kg. With a blend of the cushioned back panel, adjustable straps, and waist attachment, you will experience total back support, making long periods of vacuuming easy on your body. The material is also ventilated and comes with removable lamb’s wool sleeves, so you can feel comfortable despite the temperature. With the hose rotation both right handed and left handed users can use this vacuum without any trouble. Plus, the internal filter and dust bag are easy to clean—one less thing for you to worry about while working. This compact vacuum cleaner is ideal for large facilities, warehouses, construction, parking lots, and pavement, where safety is essential for success.

Another top product used in the waste management industry is the SureSweep SM900. This sweeper is battery operated and comes with a twin roller system to efficiently collect debris. All brushes are created with a long lasting polyamide, which is durable enough to retain its original shape despite being bent or stressed. It has a smooth-running ride that is gentle enough to clean office carpets, but mighty enough to suck up waste and debris on a site. With its high performance suction system you can prevent dust from being ejected into your work environment, keeping the air clean and safe.

These are just a few of the many machines Alphaclean can provide to fit a range of needs. Look through some of our other quality products or reach out for a consultation, so you can find the right equipment for your needs in the waste management industry.

Alphaclean can be the provider you count on for all of the latest cleaning technology to help your business succeed. We service most brands of cleaning equipment and have preventative maintenance options to keep your machines up and running. Additionally, Alphaclean also provides training and consultation for all of our equipment. These services will help you both find the right machine for your needs, while also ensuring it is properly being used. Our cleaning gear is created with you in mind to minimize the cost of cleaning and machine downtime, so you can save money and earn more.

Our technology solutions will enhance productivity and provide a cleaner safer environment for customer and employees. With our expanding collection of high quality and durable cleaning equipment, Alphaclean is guaranteed to have the right machines for commercial cleaning to save your company time, money, and surpass the expectations of customers in the waste management industry.