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Looking For The Right Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

It’s essential that your working environment is clean & safe. The right vacuum is essential for lifting dirt, dust, pet hair, sand and other fine product that can not only make your team sneeze, but will make the carpet look fresh without needing to replace it immediately.

When exploring for commercial vacuums, take time to search for the right vacuum that suits your needs, whether it is your budget, weight or accessories as you can make the right buying decision by knowing what could be a poor vacuum.

Your needs

It is vital that you select the correct type of vacuum that will suit your application. Here are a few questions to help you identify what vacuum that will best assist.

  1. What do you plan on using your vacuum cleaner for? Is it to keep the floors in your working environment clean or will you be using it to clean your customer floors?
  2. Do you need to vacuum around and under fixed seating?
  3. Do u need to suck water or moist debris in addition to dry?
  4. How portable should it be?
  5. If vacuuming carpet, what is the pile type? Does it tend to trap fine dirt?

Vacuum Types

  1. If you are needing a wet & dry vacuum, you will need to focus on a barrel, tub or Canister type vac that is very much relying on good suction.
  2. A back pack is predominantly a dry only vacuum and does come with various filter configurations.
  3. Un upright vacuum is used where the rooms are of larger size and due to the turbo brush being positioned on the floor, this is most commonly used on carpet where the various fine soil is removed more effectively keeping your carpets healthier and looking great for longer periods of time.

Vacuum Filters

Regardless of the shape, vacuum type, filters are the most important components of a commercial vacuum. Standard bags are manufactured using cotton filters, whereas some are manufactured with polyester filters. In addition, hazardous dusts that can be toxic can be collected using a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. This type of filter is commonly used in health environments such as hospitals or aged care living where small bacteria particles can be controlled by the use of a microfiber filter.

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