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Alphaclean to showcase multi-purpose floor cleaning machine

Innovative cleaning equipment specialist Alphaclean is set to showcase a multi-purpose floor cleaning machine at this year’s AusClean expo. The Multiwash washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass.

Quiet in operation, with excellent manoeuvrability, it is perfect for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, food service areas and retail premises. The Multiwash is also highly effective on ‘difficult’ floors, including non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, tiles and escalators.

Thanks to its contra-rotating brushes the Multiwash exerts just the right amount of extra pressure needed to tackle grime in the grouting of tiled floors, as the bristles safely dig deep into porous tiles and grout lines, loosening and removing soils. As the brushes are so effective, it uses about 30 per cent less water – which means less chemical – making it easy on the environment and the user. In addition, using less water means floors are dry in minutes, making the machine perfect for busy facilities.

This versatile product – new to the Australian market – is now available as a result of Alphaclean’s relationship with cleaning equipment specialist Truvox International. This prestigious English brand of commercial and industrial floorcare machinery is recognised in over 60 countries worldwide. Appointed as sole Australian distributor of the Truvox range earlier this year, Alphaclean is set to lead the way in innovative, sustainable and cost-effective floorcare solutions throughout the country.

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