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A buyer’s guide to floor cleaning equipment

Flooring represents a significant investment for any business, therefore it is crucial that the longevity of this valuable asset is maximised. One of the key ways to do this is by devising and implementing a best practice approach to cleaning. This will prolong the quality of the floor at the same time as improving the levels of hygiene within the wider building. A clean floor also speaks volumes about the pride that an organisation takes in its day-to-day operations, which can have reputational benefits too.

How to professionally care for your carpets

It is understandable that many people think that flooring is often overlooked. People may walk on it every day as they navigate their office, walk to their hotel room, or make their way to their next hospital appointment, but they are often in a rush. It is therefore easy to see why some individuals question the extent to which the quality and appearance of the floor is even noticed.

Rise in daytime cleaning uncovers value

The retail sector has played a key role in the rise of daytime cleaning, and other city businesses are now following suit. We explains the benefits of putting you’re cleaning on show, while contemplating the relevant key issues involved in daytime cleaning.

Daytime retail cleaningCleaning used to be a covert operation. In the days of conventional working hours – largely 9am to 5pm – office and shop staff went home unaware of the activities that were happening in their workplace overnight. Returning in the morning, they realised that the environment was cleaner, tidier and more hygienic – but they had little idea of who did it and how it was done.

However, changes have started to take place which means cleaning is slowly but surely coming out of the shadows. Fuelled by a number of different factors, daytime cleaning is starting to become the norm.

Customers save money with intelligent carpet cleaning technology

Carpet extractors are common tools in the cleaning profession. Yet the innovative features within one product range will achieve significant savings for customers, believes commercial and industrial equipment specialist Alphaclean.

Announced this year as sole Australian distributor of the world-renowned Truvox International range, Alphaclean is showcasing the highly-acclaimed collection of Hydromist carpet cleaners at the AusClean expo.

New three brush technology set to revolutionise cleaning

By far one of the most exciting product ranges to be launched at the AusClean expo is the Cimex range of three brush multipurpose floor cleaning equipment, from world-leading manufacturer Truvox International. These revolutionary machines are available exclusively from commercial cleaning specialists Alphaclean.

The versatile Cimex machines promise to offer unbeatable performance, ease of use and increased operator safety. With different models to suit clients’ varied floor types and cleaning requirements, every product centres upon a three brush counter-rotating system which prevents cables from snagging, extends brush life, saves money and provides the most effective solution for hard to clean surfaces.

Alphaclean to showcase multi-purpose floor cleaning machine

Innovative cleaning equipment specialist Alphaclean is set to showcase a multi-purpose floor cleaning machine at this year’s AusClean expo. The Multiwash washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass. Quiet in operation, with excellent manoeuvrability, it is perfect for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, food service areas and retail premises. The Multiwash is also highly effective on ‘difficult’ floors, including non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, tiles and escalators.

AusClean expo marks significant year for exhibitor Alphaclean

The AusClean expo is an exciting calendar milestone for any professional within the Australian cleaning industry. But Alphaclean’s presence at this year’s event is even more significant.

Having purchased the floorcare division of water, hygiene and energy firm Ecolab 10 months ago, Alphaclean quickly became a trusted machinery business in this specialist industry. Now the sole Australian distributor of commercial and industrial floorcare equipment from world-leading manufacturer Truvox International, Alphaclean’s reputable brand is set to grow further still.

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