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Here at Alphaclean we are always ready to assist our customers to get the best cleaning solution for their carpets. Our carpet extractor will surpass your expectations; it has been manufactured with the latest technology ensuring it sucks all the dust, grimes, particles and even debris from your carpet. Whether you want to use it for your home or industrial use, you are sure to get something that will help you to clean your carpet clean. We offer the broadest range of carpet extractors to help you clean all your upholstery, carpets and other floor mats. Our extractors are very efficient both in cleaning and in low power consumptions. Alphaclean provides you with the most efficient cleaning solution for your home and industry.

At Alphaclean we realize the need for our customers to have only the best and most reliable carpet cleaning equipments. Our carpet extractors have a well backed up warranty from us that ensures that our customers do not have to worry about their equipments breaking down and being unable to maintain them. The extractors are made from the finest materials available that enable them to be strong and durable.

Carpet Cleaning Machines & Carpet Extractor Features

  • Industry leading technology that promotes sustainable cleaning solutions
  • Environmentally friendly to ensure that our environment is always safe and free from degradation
  • Power efficient equipments that make your work easier but at a lower cost
  • Very versatile machines that are manufactured to meet the demands of every industry and homes

When purchasing a carpet cleaning machines or carpet extractor from us, you are sure that you are only getting the best. Our personnel are well trained to handle all types of equipments; this is a way of ensuring that our customers are comfortable with our services. So next time you are looking at getting an extractor; then look no further than Alphaclean.

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