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Not currently offering short term rental or hire, however we do have a long term rental option.

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If you are looking for a short term carpet cleaning equipment, then Alphaclean has the right solution for you. We offer carpet cleaning machine hire at the best rates in the market. Our carpet extractors have been manufactured to precision to deliver only the best in cleaning solution.  If you hire one of our carpets cleaning equipment, you will never be disappointed. Our carpet extractors have been carefully manufactured after years of research to come up with the most cost effective and powerful equipment.

We served many clients from aviation, hotels, hospitals, and superstores to government agencies and many more clients.

Features and performance

  • Highly versatile and can clean any kind of carpet that you have
  • Our carpet cleaning equipment hire are also very cost effective as they have been manufactured with advanced technology to save on operation costs
  • Gives you more room to clean large areas without having to move around with the whole machine
  • Large water gallon to keep more water so you don’t have to keep on refilling your equipment
  • Our carpet cleaning equipment hire are also technologically advanced with drying capabilities that dries the carpet almost immediately. You do not have to wait any longer
  • Control panel is easy to understand and operate. All menus have been clearly marked for easy learning
  • Refilling the water tank needs not be complicated, our carpet cleaning equipment have easy to access refill port that makes it very easy to refill your equipment

Alphaclean continues to provide industry leading and advanced carpet cleaning equipment for commercial use. If you need carpet cleaning equipment hire, then we have the best in the industry at affordable rates. We also have customer support staff that are well trained and friendly to assist you with any operational queries that you might have. Contact us today for best machine.