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Cleaning a carpet is one of the most tedious jobs if you do not have the right cleaning equipment. Carpets are sensitive to how they are handled, if not properly cleaned with the right equipment they may lose their texture, colour and even design.  That’s why many people continue to search for the right carpet cleaning equipment in the market.  We have many suppliers who manufacture carpet cleaning equipment; some are good while others are lousy.

Alphaclean, the leading cleaning equipment solution provider also produces carpet cleaning equipment that are the best in the market. We provide extensive range of carpet extractors that will clean your carpet, remove any odours and stains on your carpet. Our carpet cleaning equipment gives you the flexibility of either cleaning small spaces like living rooms or even commercial spaces like large offices.

Our range of commercial carpet cleaning machines for sale includes many popular designs. Any of these designs have been produced with precision that enables them to clean your carpet effortlessly and with the minimum costs.


Features and performance

  • Our carpet cleaning equipment is powerful and robust with extreme motors that will dust away your carpet within seconds
  • They have a rugged construction that makes them durable and long lasting
  • Large water gallon eases the work as you can clean large surfaces without having to keep on refilling water
  • They are highly versatile and the user can customize the cleaning operation depending on level of dirt and type of textile
  • Extra-long hose allows the cleaner to clean large areas without having to keep on moving the carpet extractor
  • The water refilling ports are located in easy to access areas limiting water spillage and causing messes

Alphaclean provides warranty on its carpet cleaning equipment as a show of confidence that we have in our equipment.