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Getting good carpet cleaning machines may need you to do a lot of research so that you get the best machine possible. We have many carpet cleaning machines in the market that are powerful and high quality. You can only be sure of that when you get to use it or be recommended by a friend who has used it before.  Otherwise many suppliers who talk of “quality” do not implement quality at all in their carpet cleaning machines.

That’s why Alphaclean’s carpet cleaning machines are the choice for many because when we say quality we mean it.  Our machines are manufactured after years of research and development by trained engineers. The result is a highly rugged, powerful and versatile machine that will blow every single dust and dirt away from your carpets within a fraction of second. We have served many clients with our carpet cleaning machines and they are all happy. Some of them include hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices and many more individual and commercial organisations. Our brand is a sign of quality and it has been proven by our long list of clients.

Features and performance

  • Highly versatile for cleaning all types of carpets
  • Extra long power cord to allow you to clean large areas without the need of moving around with the machine
  • Large gallon for filling more water so don’t need to keep on refilling the tank after every few wash
  • Simple control panel for easy operations allows you to learn fast how to operate the machine without wasting time

Alphaclean has well trained staff that are ready to handle any issues that you may have regarding our carpet cleaning machines. They are passionate about their job and are available to offer you any kind of support that you require.