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We all love our carpets. They make our feet warm when the floor is cold. It is extremely soothing especially when you are tired from work and just want something soft to place your feet on. On the other hand carpets get dirty very quickly. They need a lot of care when handling them. Some are also sensitive and if not handled well and they may lose their texture and colouration. That’s why it is important that you clean you carpet on intervals with specialized cleaning machines.  Unlike ordinary hard floors, carpet must be cleaned using special carpet extraction machines. Alphaclean provides a range of carpet cleaning machines including steam cleaners, vacuum and carpet excavators.

We are the leading provider of advanced cleaning solutions in Australia. Our cleaning equipment are technologically advanced due to the effort that we place to satisfy our customers. They are cost effective and easy to use hence can be used in every home or industry.

Tips on carpet cleaning

  • Vacuum or clean your carpet at least once a week. Use a carpet extractor for the exercise for a fresh smelling, clean carpet.
  • Frequent cleaning of your carpets extends the life span of your carpet as it eliminated buildup of dirt and other deposits.
  • For large surfaces, clean your carpet in bits. Divide it into equal portions and clean one portion first before moving to the next.
  • Use a powerful carpet extractor for a really dirty carpet. Repeat the same spot until it is clean.
  • Concentrate on spots that people like to sit and place their feet. They could be holding more dirt than other areas.

For more information and tips on cleaning your carpet, please contact us today. We have a wide variety of carpet cleaning machines.