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If you are looking for a carpet extraction machine, then you are at the right place. Alphaclean provides a wide variety of carpet extraction machine for home and commercial use. Our machines have been developed after a thorough research has been done making them the best in the industry. Our carpet extraction machines are technologically advanced with features that make your cleaning experience effortless. They are powerful and robust removing all dirt and bad odour from your carpet.

Alphaclean is committed in producing machines that are chemical free and do not harm the environment with contaminated residue. We create innovative cleaning solutions that change the way we do our cleaning, our carpet extractors are manufactured with the finest materials available to make then durable and high quality. We have different variety of carpet extraction machine including cold water and hot water machines.

Features and Performance

  • Compact design makes our carpet extraction machine highly portable. They can be carried in small cars and vans
  • Easy to use control panel for quick operations
  • Long cord and hose makes it ideal when washing large areas because you don’t need to move along with the machine
  • Eco design makes them environmentally friendly
  • No need to use chemicals as the machine uses water only
  • Highly manoeuvrable for washing narrow carpeted aisles and edges
  • Produces high temperature for effective cleaning of carpets

Alphaclean remains the leading cleaning solution provider in the market. Our equipment are carefully manufactured to meet customer demands. Our carpet extraction machines are produced after they have been certified to be cost effective to the customer. We also do servicing and repair of carpet extraction machine through our highly trained technicians. We offer warranty and comprehensive after sales service as a sign of confidence in our machines. For more information on our innovative carpet extraction machine please do not hesitate to contact us today.