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If you are planning to start a carpet cleaning business, then you are already aware that you need commercial carpet cleaners or cleaning machines. Getting a good machine may require you to do a lot of research in the market. We have very many different varieties of these machines from different suppliers. But you need to get one that is going to be cost effective for your business for you to maximize on profit. Alphaclean provides the most cost effective cleaning solution in Australia. We have a wide range of commercial carpet cleaning machines at an affordable price.

Our machines are robust as they have been developed after a long period of research by trained engineers. They make the best possible bet for commercial business. Built from the finest material available, our machines last for a very long time notwithstanding that they are very versatile and can be used for cleaning different range of carpets. Our experience spanning many years has enabled as to provide our customers with innovative carpet cleaning equipment solutions through advanced cleaning machines.


Features and performance

  • Highly robust and can clean large and small carpets alike within a very short period of time
  • Long hose allows you to clean large surfaces e.g. carpeted corridors without having to move along with the machine
  • Large water tank also makes it convenient for you as you do not have to keep refilling the tank after every short while
  • Compact design makes it possible to carry the machine even in small vans and cars
  • Eco friendly as it does not use chemicals that can harm the eco system

Alphaclean continues to provide innovative cleaning solutions to our customers. We also offer a comprehensive warranty for all our commercial carpet cleaning machines. This will give you a peace of mind as you concentrate on making money through your business.