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We all love having rugs in our homes. They are very beautiful to have them around on our floors but they can also be delicate. Some rugs also come at a high cost and it is important that you maintain them lest you lose your valuable investment. When you maintain your rugs well, they will serve you for a very long time without losing their aesthetic value. When cleaning your rugs, you might need specialized cleaning equipment like carpet extractors for best results.

Alphaclean provides a wide range of carpet extractors that can help you in cleaning your rug. We are the leading provider of advanced cleaning solution in Australia. Our carpet extractors have been carefully manufactured after years of research to give the best service possible when cleaning rugs. They are rugged and yet gentle on your rug and will remove all dirt, stains and even kill hidden allergens like bacteria from your floor. To maintain your rug for the longest times, follow these tips below;

  • Turn your rug upside down regularly and clean the underside. When cleaning the rug also ensures you use the right cleaning equipment otherwise your rug might get spoilt. Use a suction cleaner on front side and a rotating brush vacuum cleaner on other side.
  • Avoid cleaning fringes with a vacuum cleaner, they might get sucked into and getting spoilt; simply fluff them with your hand to remove the dust.
  • Use the correct detergents when cleaning your rug, some detergents might be for synthetic carpets and not wool carpets. Make sure you read the label first.

Alphaclean has the widest range of rug cleaning equipment.  We also offer comprehensive warranty for all our products as a sign of confidence we have on them. Visit us today for the best deal in rug cleaning equipment.