Escalator Cleaners

Keep your escalators & travelators looking amazing all year round.

Escalator Cleaners

Escalators and travelators look amazing with regular cleaning, that helps improve appearance but can also reduce ongoing maintenance costs.Get A FREE Quote Today →

Commercial Escalator and Travelator Cleaners

Escalators and travelators should be cleaned regularly to keep them working well, as well as to create a good impression for users of the building. It is not the easiest cleaning task, but with the correct equipment can be carried out efficiently.

Cleaning escalators and travelators present several problems:

  • They need specialised machines, as they don’t have flat surfaces.
  • Dirt tends to collect in the grooves of the tread area, making it hard to remove.
  • Some buildings have escalators of different widths, which makes it even more difficult.
  • Balancing cost of cleaning against the method used.
  • Choosing a time for cleaning and removing the escalator from use during the cleaning process.

A purpose-designed escalator cleaner like the X46 Escalator Cleaner will leave them looking good and reduce operating costs. It features automatic brush height adjustment, powerful vacuum dust pick up, powered rotating brushes for quick, efficient cleaning, a choice of brushes, and quick change disposable bags, The machine is easy to use and requires minimal training. It is easily portable for multi-escalator sites.