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Identifying the best floor polisher could be a difficult task especially now that we have very many different types in the market. Every supplier is trying to come up with attractive and competitive floor polisher. So how do you select the best floor polisher in the market? There are many factors that you can consider to select the best floor polisher. One will be speed. When choosing a floor polisher you must consider the speed depending on what kind of floor you want to polish.

The floor polisher must also be highly versatile to be able to clean different types of floors without having to change the commercial floor polisher. Consider also floor polishers that are multipurpose i.e. they can clean, strip, scrub and polish the floor other than ones that can only polish. You will save a lot of costs when you choose a multipurpose floor polisher. The design of the floor polisher also matters a lot.  Go for compact designs that can manoeuvre in narrow aisles, bends and edges. They should also have a long cord to allow you to polish large areas without necessarily having to move the machine.

Truvox Orbis Duo

Ease of use and maintenance is also another factor for the best floor polisher. Complicated control panels will waste you a lot of time when trying to figure out the buttons.

Alphaclean floor polishers are considered the best in the market as they come with all the above characteristics. It is our commitment to our customers that has enabled us to produce high quality floor polishers that are cost effective and powerful. Alphaclean has outlets in all major cities to bring our services close to you. You can access a lot of service from our branches including servicing and repair of your floor polisher. For the best floor polisher, please visit us today for the best deal.