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If you want your floor to look smooth and shiny, then you need a floor buffing machines. Just the same way that you buff your car for a smooth and glossy look, it is the same technique that is used to buff your floor but this time round with a floor buffing machine. When you buff your floor regularly, all revealing scratches will removed leaving a clean, fresh and flatter surface. Buffing eliminates the need to strip off the floor and doing it a fresh thus saving you costs. Alphaclean, the leading provider of cleaning equipment has buffing equipment that is innovative and advanced and will make your floor look as good as new.

Our machines have been with advanced technology after a thorough research has been done to make sure that the machine will deliver great results.

How to buff floors

  • For the best results when buffing floors, you need to have a good buffing machine
  • Drive away traffic from the area you want to buff to avoid interruptions
  • Remove all dust and deposits that might be on the floor using a wet mop
Truvox Orbis Duo
  • Using the most suitable or nearest wall socket, plug in your machine after affixing a buffing pad to the equipment
  • Starting from the farthest place from the entrance, buff the floor coming to the area
  • Change the buffing pad at intervals when it becomes extremely dusty or it is worn out
  • Clean the area you have just buffed with a mop to remove and deposits left behind
  • Clean you’re buffing machine and pads and keep them away; the area is now ready for use

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