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Floor Polishers / Burnishers / Rotaries

Choosing the best floor polisher could be a challenge because there are very many different models available in the market. Every supplier claims that theirs is the best in the market. Then how are you able to get the best floor polisher that will not disappoint you? The best way would be to look for floor polisher reviews on the internet. These are reviews written by real people who have previously used certain brands of the machines.

Use reviews will be both positive and negative and also improvements suggested.  Once you have read these reviews, then you can make an informed judgment on which floor polisher to for. Alphaclean floor polishers have always received consistent positive reviews by our customers, thanks to the advanced technology that they have been made. Our customers trust our brand and continue to refer others to come for our floor polishers scrubbers.

Reviews to check for

  • Speed of the floor polisher – You need to know what the floor polisher speed is. Is the speed suitable for your application? Check both positive and negative reviews about the speed of the floor polisher
  • Versatility – Is the floor polisher capable of polishing different types of floors? It is important that your get a versatile machine to clean all your floor types
  • Extra Attachments – Does the floor polisher comes with extra accessories e.g. pads? This is also important since if it does not come with extra attachments then it will be expensive as you will have to purchase them separately.
  • Durability – See reviews on the durability of the floor polisher. The polisher you buy must be able to serve you for a long time without replacement.  The supplier must also provide comprehensive warranty for the machine.

Alphaclean meets all the above qualities and that’s why many customers are choosing our products. Contact us today for a wide range of floor polishers.