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Floor Polishers / Burnishers / Rotaries

Polishing the floor is becoming the most popular way of finishing floors. Many people are nowadays resorting to this method of floor finishing because it is easy to maintain, clean and for its aesthetic value. Hotels, restaurants, retail shops, homes, show rooms, garages and many more places are finding floor polishing as the most ideal finish.  But for you to polish your floor, you will need a floor polisher from a reputable company.

Alphaclean, the leading provider of cleaning solutions has the best floor polishers in the market. Our machines are robust and have been developed after long research to ensure they perform optimally and above. Due to the extreme condition that sometimes floor polishers are subjected to, we have ensured that our polishers are made from durable material that can endure intensive work that they will be doing. We also have full time factory trained technicians to help with any issues that might arise in the course of polishing.

Features and Performance

  • Rugged construction for durability due to the nature of work they are subjected to
  • Advanced features for the perfect floor finish
  • Equipped with technological advanced finer grits of diamond embedded disks for grinding and polishing down surfaces for the smoothness and shines
  • Quiet sound when in operation makes our polishers ideal for work in areas that are sensitive to loud noise
  • Cost effective polishing solution as our polishers are made to save you on costs

Alphaclean continues to be the leader when it comes to floor cleaning equipment. We have served a wide variety of industries including hotels, hospitals, aviation, restaurants and many more clients. All our floor polishers come with a comprehensive warranty that gives you a peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on your business. Our staffs are well trained to answer any queries that you might have regarding our floor polishers.