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If you want a beautiful floor that looks brilliant and easy to clean, then you need floor polishing machines. These machines work wonders on floors to make them glow and also durable. A floor polishing machine will turn dirty and dull looking floor into brilliant, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly floor. Alphaclean, the leading solution provider for cleaning equipment, have some of the most advanced floor polishing machine. Our machines are versatile and can polish different types of floor from marble, concrete, granite, tile, vinyl floor plus many more types of hard floors.

Our machines have been developed after many years of research to come up with the best features that will make your work easier and effortless. Due to the nature of job that our industrial floor polisher machines do, they have been built using the toughest material to ensure that they do not break down during the work. They have also been rugged constructed to endure the tough job that they will be doing.

Features and Performance

  • Very versatile to be able to polish any kind of floor that is available with minimum cost
  • Silent with low noise emission makes them ideal to polish areas that are sensitive to loud noise
  • Advanced technology to allow for easy change of tools by simple one touch button
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and less fatigue for the operator
  • Advanced gear box system for smooth operation and long shelf life
  • Compact design for more maneuverability thus allowing the machine to access even hidden areas

Alphaclean continues to develop machines that are innovative and cost effective. We have factory trained technicians in case of any repair or service that might be required. Our machines also come with comprehensive warranty to give you a peace of mind thus concentrate in running your business.