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Floor Polishers / Burnishers / Rotaries

Getting a perfect clean wash using mop and bucket could be difficult and tedious. You cannot clean a large area and the floor will not come out as clean as you could have expected. You may suffer from fatigue due to poor ergonomics and spending too much time bending. That’s why people are now resorting to modern cleaning equipment like floor rotaries. These machines are easily available and are made to do multiple jobs including stripping, scrubbing, polishing and even shampooing. The end result is a glowing floor within a very short time. Alphaclean, the leader in provision of cleaning equipment solutions provides advanced floor rotaries for all your cleaning needs. Our machines have been manufactured to provide a clean wash to you floor using very limited resources.

Our floor rotaries have been produced after a vigorous research to find out what our customers want when cleaning their floors. The multipurpose floor rotaries will do what other machines will do in many hours. We have served many clients in different sectors including hotels, hospitals, aviation, warehouse plus many other clients with our state of the art floor rotaries machines.

It is our experience and commitment to our clients that makes us the company of choice when it comes to cleaning equipment solutions.

Features and performance

  • Multipurpose machines with ability to clean, scrub, strip, polish and shampoo your floor
  • Versatile, economical and powerful to meet demands of floor cleaning
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable operations without causing fatigue
  • Quiet for cleaning even in areas that noise is prohibited e.g. libraries
  • Highly maneuverability due its compact design for cleaning narrow aisles and edges

Alphaclean continues to develop cleaning equipment that are innovative and meet even the toughest of floor cleaning demands. We have factory trained staff to assist you with any queries that might arise during operations. For more information on our floor rotaries do not hesitate to contact us.