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When people are looking for a floor scrubber, the question they always ask is which is the best floor scrubber for my application.

People want to buy floor scrubbers that are reliable, powerful and robust. They are also looking at scrubbers that are versatile and can work in all kinds of floors and situations. For you to get this right scrubber, then you need to get them from a company that has the experience in technical background in suppling quality cleaning equipment. The team at Alphaclean has the experience to source industry leading scrubbers that are not only rugged but also the most cost effective in the region. We go to great depth in researching and developing our scrubbers making them the best in the industry.


  • Energy efficient: The best scrubbers should be able to conserve energy thus reducing the overall cost of cleaning using less water
  • Portable: Any person who uses scrubbers for cleaning will tell you that portability is a must for any good scrubber. This allows you to move from job to job with ease
  • Low noise: The best scrubbers also emit very low noise since many applications prohibit unnecessary noise in their surrounding
  • Warranty: A good scrubber manufacturer will provide a warranty for its products. This applies to the best scrubbers as well. With Alphaclean products, you are assured of quality with all cleaning machines
  • Durability: The best scrubbers can endure tough conditions and surfaces. It should be able to last for many years without unnecessary costs. This will make you more efficient and profitable saving you the agony of calling a technician.

Alphaclean provides the best scrubbers in the industry. We understand the needs of the customer and ensure that he or she is always satisfied with our products. Good customer support is our priority at all times.

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A scrubber of industrial size is one of the most useful tools when it comes to cleaning the floor surfaces of facilities, as its use will keep the floors free of debris, avoiding accidents or injuries. When it comes to businesses, time is money, so it is understandable that business owners prefer to do the cleaning of their premises without interrupting the day to day activities by keeping walkaways obstructed with equipment or having wet floors for long periods of time. Fortunately, there is a solution that will make all this a thing of the past, as floor scrubbers do the cleaning by spraying a solution that will break down all the dirt, then vacuum and/or mop the floor in order to leave it completely dry.

There is no doubt a scrubber will be a great addition to your business, but the question is which will be the best to acquire. There are many different types of scrubbers, and the key is to find the one with all the features that will cover your needs.

Here are some useful tips that will help you make a decision when trying to get the right floor scrubber for the premises of your business:

Consider your needs – What do you need the machine for? Do you want it to only sweep your floors, to scrub them or to do both things? When it comes to picking up debris from the floor such as large pieces of metal, a sweeper could be the best option. However, scrubbers are the best choice when it comes to cleaning up any mess on the floor caused by spillages, for example, oil. A machine that combines both functions is the right choice when you only have one person in charge of the cleaning of the facilities and the area to clean is not large.

Large areas or small spaces – There are two kinds of scrubbers and each of them will be suitable for your cleaning purposes depending on the kind of area to clean. If you want to clean a large area a ride scrubber is the ideal machine to do the job, as it will do it quickly because of its dimensions. However, this feature that comes as an advantage for large spaces is a disadvantage if the area you want to clean is small or narrow. In this case what you need is a push scrubber, which will take longer to do the job but will reach those tight spaces.

Surface to be cleaned – The best surfaces to use the scrubbers on are hard floors. However, in order to obtain the best results you need to buy also the right attachments for your scrubber, such as soft gum rubber squeegees or brushes.

If you pay close attention to these tips you will be able to make the right choice and buy the most suitable scrubber for your business facilities. You would also want to keep in mind that it would be also beneficial to buy a machine that is easy to use and with a large storage tank to fill it with the cleaning solution, to avoid refilling several times during the cleaning process.

What are the different types of scrubbers?

Productivity and efficiency can be greatly affected by your choice of tools to do the cleaning of your premises. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what types of scrubbers are available in the market and what their main features are.

  • Walk-Behinds – When it comes to cleaning areas that are hard to reach or narrow aisles, walk-behind scrubbers are probably the best option.
  • Ride-Ons – If your business premises have large open areas, then maybe the ride-on scrubbers are the best option to get your floors clean.
  • Rotary Scrubbers – If what you need is a multitasker, then the rotary scrubbers are the right option for you, as they not only scrub but they strip and polish as well.

Check what your needs are before deciding on any scrubber. This way you will make the best purchase and obtain the best results from your cleaning machine. If you need more assistance, then don’t hesitate to contact a floor scrubbing company to get more details on any of the scrubbers.

Important features of a scrubber

Businesses spend most of their budget allocated for cleaning on staff to do the job.  If business owners have the right tools to do the cleaning of their premises, then the expenditure can be reduced. From that point of view, a floor scrubber is an investment that should not be overlooked, because they can increase productivity, save money and be used on different kinds of surfaces.

Once you decide to buy a scrubber, it is important to learn as much as possible about the different features they have. Here is some useful information that will help you make the right choice.

  • The size of the water tank: The size of the water tank should be proportional to the size of the floor scrubber. In this case don’t think that a larger tank will provide a better service.
  • User-friendly:  One of the most important features of a good scrubber is to be easy to use.  If the machine is difficult to operate or too complicated, then probably is not a good choice, as it will take much longer for your employees to know how to use it and it will not save you time or money.
  • Non-obstructing views:  The person operating the scrubber has to have a complete view of what is ahead and this applies whether it is a ride on machine or a walk-behind scrubber. This is to avoid accidents and a machine that does not have this feature could represent a risk.
  • Maintenance of the scrubber:  It is important to know how frequently you need to do the maintenance of your machine. This information can be found in the manual of the scrubber, or ask a professional in case you need more details.
  • Accessories:  Not only the scrubber is important, but also the accessories that complement the machine. The brushes and squeegees to attach to the machine have to be easy to remove. Find out what accessories are included in your purchase, as some retailers may offer these separately.

This information will certainly help you find the right scrubber according to your needs and requirements.

4 simple steps to choose the right floor scrubber for your business

Buying a scrubber may be expensive, but you have to look at it as an investment. So, in order to make the best decision, you need to have as much information as possible about all the floor scrubbers available in the market.

Here you will find out how to buy or choose the right scrubber for your business in only four steps.

  1. Decide if you need a scrubber that works with battery or one that is connected to the mains and uses electricity. Although the machines that are battery operated are easier to use, the ones that run on electricity are a bit less expensive, so it is a good option for business owners on a tight budget.
  2. Commercial or Industrial – What is the purpose of the purchase? There is a difference between commercial use and industrial use of the machine, so you need to decide which is the one that suits your needs best. Commercial use includes retail stores, schools, offices and similar workplaces whereas industrial use will be for warehouses, factories, etc.
  3. Decide how much your budget is. You may want to explore all possibilities, even buying a second hand floor scrubber. However, in the long term it may be more expensive than buying a new one because of the possible repairs or maintenance it will need.
  4. Think of the accessories. Yes, the accessories are important too, as they will complement the scrubber. These accessories include sponges, squeegees and brushes. You need to know where you can find the accessories, if it is easy to get them and how much they cost.

The versatility of scrubbers

Scrubbers offer lots of advantages to business owners, as they provide a great cleaning service in an effective way. They can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, such as wood, concrete, carpets or tiles. They are useful on large or small surfaces and thanks to their attachments they can reach every corner of the floor area.

Some of the businesses or organizations that can benefit from having a scrubber include:

  • Medical facilities such as surgeries and hospitals. These are places where the levels of hygiene must be very high, therefore a scrubber is an ideal tool to do this job.
  • Factories and warehouses, or any other industrial sites, as it is important to keep a safe environment for the workers by maintaining the floors free from debris, and dry in case of spillages
  • Retail stores. These are premises that lots of people visit every day, so it is crucial to keep the floors clean and a floor scrubber makes that job much easier.
  • Schools and offices. Most of these places have various types of flooring, so a machine that can clean all of them becomes an invaluable tool.

As you can see, floor scrubbers are efficient tools that will keep all kinds of flooring clean, no matter the type of business or premises.