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Armstrong is one of the global leaders in manufacture of quality floors and ceilings. It provides a wide variety of executive floors including laminate, vinyl, luxury vinyl, hardwood and linoleum.  They serve both residential and commercial sites. If you own one of these floors, then you need to maintain and clean it to ensure they do not lose their opulence. Alphaclean will offer you the best cleaning equipment for Armstrong floors; our line of scrubbers have been made to perfection to clean, scrub and dry such kind of floors.

As a leader in cleaning solutions, we have taken many years to be able to come with cleaning solutions that match each individual flooring taste. Our scrubbers come in ride on or walk behind; you can also choose battery operated or electric. Whichever scrubber you choose, you can be rest assured that your Armstrong floor will be cleaned and restored to its original taste. All our clients that we have served over years have always recommended Alphaclean cleaning solutions for cleaning experience. Our machines are rugged but

yet gentle on your floors. It is what we have researched and developed over many years that we have been able to come with such professional and magnificent machines.

Alphaclean also in its effort to make sure our customers are always satisfied before and after they purchase one of our scrubbers, offer comprehensive after sales service and warranty that will make your scrubber a lifetime machine. We have professionally trained staff to handle any queries that you may have about cleaning your Armstrong floor or any other.

Our friendly staffs provide support to all our customers without complaining because they are passionate about their job.  Next time you want to clean your Armstrong vinyl floor, laminate or hardwood, then contact Alphaclean for the best solution.