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Protecting the environment with sustainable & safe cleaning solutions, so everyone can enjoy the Just Clean It experience.

Years of research and development has enabled Alphaclean to consistently produce scrubbers that are industry leading in both design and performance. We at Alphaclean are aware that customers want cost effective solutions for their cleaning needs. That’s why we take great pride when it comes to producing the best cleaning equipment in the industry. Our auto scrubbers consistently produce great results on each surface that they are used on. We serve customers from all the sectors including hotels, schools, hospitals, departmental stores and even government institutions with our innovative auto scrubbers.

We offer great afters sales service and warranty to all products purchases from our stores. Our scrubbers are the easiest to maintain though they are built to last many years while serving our customers diligently. We have a wide range of auto scrubbers from compact design, ride on, walk behind or battery operated. Any models that you get from us will consistently produce great results and you will never regret.


  • Simple control panel makes operations very easy thus reducing time spent while becoming cost effective
  • Highly portable models makes moving from location to location very easy
  • Low power consumption reduces the cost of operation
  • Quiet models make them ideal for cleaning areas that are sensitive to noise
  • Environmentally friendly as they consume little water and detergent but still produce excellent results

Alphaclean warrantees all scrubbers that are sold from us. Our team of dedicated staff will ensure that you are comfortable with our scrubbers from the time you purchase to the time you start using it. With 24hrs customers support, you will receive all the assistance necessary to make your cleaning experience unforgettable.

We also stock variety of parts and serviceable parts in case of breakdowns or replacements of some parts. Our technicians will ensure that your equipment is working optimal all the time.