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Alphaclean provides a wide range of scrubbers from ride on to walk behind. We also offer scrubbers that are battery operated. Our battery scrubbers are highly advanced with state of the art and innovative features. Our scrubbers are not only highly efficient, but also easy to operate. They come with user manuals that will keep you cleaning within minutes of acquiring them. Forget about long power codes that will entangle you when doing your washing, battery operated scrubbers do not have any codes. You can move around easily without any hindrance.

Our scrubbers are also robust and versatile and will clean many floor surfaces quickly and easily.

Features include: –

  • Easy to maintain as they are simple and replaceable parts are easy to reach
  • Simple control panel for easy operations thus resulting in high efficiency and cost effective cleaning solution
  • Cleans large surfaces within minutes due to robust and powerful features
  • Low noise emission ideal for cleaning areas that are sensitive to loud noise
  • Stylish and compact design allows you to wash even the most hidden areas and edges
  • Power saving mode allows you to save power thus reducing the cost of cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly with low water and detergent consumption

Alphaclean has highly trained staffs that are there to assist you in case of any breakdown. We respond fast and without any excuses like “we are sorry but we are unable to repair that kind of machine”. Our staffs are also motivated and have a passion for their job. We also stock a large variety of parts making sure that your machine will never fail to work due to lack of spare parts. Alphaclean also offers extensive and comprehensive warranty to all our products that we sell including our battery scrubber. This is a sign of quality and confidence that we have in our machine.