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Alphaclean commercial scrubbers are ideal for professional cleaning. They are optimal for cleaning large surfaces that are resilient and hard to wash. Our commercial floor scrubbers have been built with the finest materials that make them durable and long lasting.  They achieve perfect results and cover all of your cleaning needs both on the surfaces and even the edges.

Our commercial floor scrubbers are meant for heavy duty and come in various options including ride on scrubbers and walk behind floor scrubbers. You can also choose to get battery operated or electric operated. Whichever model you choose you are guaranteed of unmatched results from our state of the art cleaning equipment.


  • Easy to operate with operational manual, simple control panel which reduces time consumed in training hence provide more effective results
  • Environmentally friendly as it consumes very little water and detergent
RA66BM100 1m
  • Quiet for convenience where places are sensitive to loud sound
  • Our commercial floor scrubbers are also very portable and can be moved easily from one place to another
  • It’s also very versatile can clean even the tightest spots due to its maneuverability
  • Brushes can easily be replaced with little effort and no need for a technician
  • Maintenance friendly as it requires very little service and all components to be replaced are within reach

Alphaclean maintains staff that are well trained and able to handle any kind of problem that may arise with any of our commercial scrubbers. Our technicians are motivated and have a passion for their job hence responding quickly to any calls whether scheduled maintenance or emergency. We also stock a wide array of parts for all of our floor scrubbers so there is no worry for lack of serviceable parts in case of a breakdown. We operate a network of distributors for easy access to our services.