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Commercial Quality Domestic Floor Scrubbers

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Alphaclean is one of the leading providers of cleaning equipment solutions for both homes and commercial services. We stock a wide variety of floor scrubbers for every industry from hotels, aviation, institutions, hospitals, government agencies plus many more. If you need a domestic floor scrubber, then Alphaclean has one for you in stock. You can choose either walk behind scrubber machines; ride on scrubbers or compact scrubber for your home use.

We use the latest and most advanced technology in supplying our scrubbers for a high efficiency and cost effective cleaning solution. Our domestic floor scrubbers are powerful and robust thereby making your cleaning experience fast and cost effective. With only one swipe, you clean the entire floor without the need of going back to the same spot. And you can choose to buy a scrubber dryer for even a more efficient cleaning and drying solution.

Features of our commercial grade domestic floor scrubbers

  • Highly versatile and can clean almost all floor types including tiles and carpeted areas
  • Our domestic floor scrubbers are also highly efficient as they can clean, scrub and dry at the same time for some models
  • Alphaclean domestic scrubbers are also highly energy efficient as they are made with advanced energy saving power mode features
  • Very portable and can be used almost anywhere. There is no need to worry about transporting it in specialized equipment
  • They also have ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to use and operate

Alphaclean being the leader in provision of cleaning solutions, maintains fully trained technicians to help you with any queries that might arise when doing your cleaning. Our staff are motivated and simply love their work so much that they will never give excuses when a call is made for assistance. We also have stockpiles of spare parts in case you need to replace one of the parts.