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Alphaclean has a wide variety of floor scrubber for sale. We stock different types of floor scrubbers from ride on, walk behind, battery operated or electricity operated. At Alphaclean we realize that customers are our most important asset hence ensuring that we only have the most innovative scrubbers that are cost effective and will make your work easier.

Our cleaning solutions are renowned everywhere for supplying reliable and powerful floor cleaning machines that are versatile and robust. Every single day our technicians are researching and coming up with the boldest technology that will produce expert results and to the satisfaction of all of our customers. We offer a full line of industry leading floor scrubbers that are for sale.

Alphaclean floor scrubber for sale is trusted all over Australia. With everything changing so fast, it is only the

boldest and most innovative scrubbers that will be market leaders. That’s why we continue to research and develop floor scrubbers with cutting technology that are for the future. Machines that are innovative will cut down on the time spend cleaning and also the cost of cleaning. This will lead to you spending less but getting the same great results.

Our floor scrubbers are trusted in terms of reliability. We have developed solutions that will give you a reliable, productive, trouble free cleaning experience for many years. We also have full trained staff that are passionate about their job and will be able to assist you all the way from the time you purchase our scrubbers to when you start enjoying your cleaning experience.

All our floor scrubbers come with a comprehensive warranty that gives you a peace of mind when operating your newly acquired scrubber. Our dedicated customer supports are there to help you.