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Are you looking for a floor scrubber machine? Alphaclean has some of the best floor scrubbers in Australia. We stock a variety of scrubber both ride on or walk behind. Our scrubbers have been developed to give you a cost effective solution for all your cleaning needs. Our team of technicians take a lot of time in researching and developing floor scrubbing machines that are technologically advanced with a lot of innovative features that will make your cleaning needs easy and cost effective. So if you are looking for a floor scrubber machine then you have come to the right place. Alphaclean provides state of the art floor scrubbers that will make you cleaning work easy and profitable.


  • Our scrubbers are very portable and versatile. You can move around with it from place to place. They also fit within escalators so you don’t have to worry about washing floors up.
  • We produce the most quiet floor scrubber machines; you will never hear the loud noise that other scrubbers make. They are ideal for places that are sensitive to loud noise.
  • Our scrubbers have compact design and highly manoeuvrable; you can literally wash every spot on your floor including edges and tight corners.
  • Easy to operate with simple control panel that makes cleaning fast and cost effective.
  • Cleans large surfaces with one swipe making it easy and fast to clean extensive areas.

Alphaclean has trained all its technicians to handle all type of floor scrubber machine that we sell. Our staffs are motivated and have passion for their job. We also stock a large stock of parts to replace broken parts within the shortest time possible. Our entire floor scrubbers come with comprehensive warranty period during which our team of technicians will respond to all queries regarding issues arising from the machines if any.