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Alphaclean provides a wide range of floor scrubbers that are revolutionary in design but still offer a powerful clean wash. If you are looking for a commercial floor scrubber then you have come to the right place. Our floor scrubbers open up a new modern dimension of floor cleaning.  In only one sweep, our floor scrubbers will remove all grease, grime, stains, debris and all manner of dirt. The floor scrubbers are highly maneuverable hence making it easy to clean all parts of the surface including corners and other hidden places.

When it comes to portability, then our scrubbers are the most versatile, you can move it around to any location that you desire.

Alphaclean floor comes in different designs; you can choose either to get ride on scrubbers or walk behind scrubbers.


  • We have a wide range to choose from ride on scrubbers or walk behind scrubbers, battery operated or electric operated
  • Our floor scrubbers are highly versatile and portable and can be moved around
  • It is easy operations make it ideal for everyone. No complicated manuals and buttons to press
  • Our floor scrubbers are environmentally friendly and have been manufactured to consume very low water and detergent
  • Noise levels are also very low to make sure a disturbance free operation to areas that are sensitive to high noise levels

Alphaclean has always ensured that customer’s needs are taken care of. That’s why we come up with innovative products that are modern and highly efficient. We also have highly trained professionals that can handle all queries that you may have about our floor scrubbers. Our staffs have a passion for work and will make sure that your floor scrubber works perfectly without any troubles. So if you are looking for a floor scrubber, then look no further as you have come to the right place.