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Protecting the environment with sustainable & safe cleaning solutions, so everyone can enjoy the Just Clean It experience.

Alphaclean is known for offering cost effective solution in cleaning services.  We offer a wide range of floor scrubbing equipment than any other merchandiser in the region.  We serve a variety of sectors including hotels, hospitals, institutions, government agencies, aviation plus many more industries. Our floor cleaning scrubbers are manufactured with industry leading technology that ensures a perfect cleaning experience than no other.

Alphaclean offers a range of floor scrubbing machines including walk behind and rides on scrubbers.  Our goal is simple when offering our cleaning solution; to drive down the cost of cleaning and to increase productivity in the easiest way possible. Our machines have been designed to do exactly that and many of our customers have been satisfied with our cleaning solutions.

Features of floor scrubbing equipment

  • Versatile: Our scrubbers can virtually clean all types of surfaces without much strain
  • Portable: We manufacture the most portable equipment for your own convenience when moving from place to place
  • Eco friendly: Our scrubbers have been designed with features that make them friendly to the environment including low water and detergent consumption
  • Very quiet: You many never know that a floor is being washed until you see with your own eyes. Our scrubbers wash and clean without any roaring motors
  • Cost effective: Our floor scrubber equipment are known to be the most cost effective in the region due to advanced technology

Alphaclean prides itself as the leading provider of cleaning solutions in the region. We have professionally trained staff who can handle all your queries regarding the scrubbers. Our goal is always to serve our customers first and satisfy their needs. We also offer extensive warranty to all our cleaning equipment as a sign of confidence that we have in our machines. In our stores is an assortment of all spare parts in case of a break down and some parts need to be replaced.