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Are you looking for a hard floor scrubber that will literally blow away all the dirt, grime and grease away from your hard floors? Then Alphaclean is here to assist you. We are the leading supplier of hard floor scrubber machines in the region. Our machines have been developed by a team of engineers by researching and coming up with the most innovative equipment. Our hard floor scrubbers come in different models including battery operated, electric operated or walk behind and ride scrubbers.  Our hard floor scrubbers will scrub, clean and dry all your hard floors with one swipe hence making it the most cost effective solution for you.

All our models are essentially rugged and robust machines ready to clean all your hard floors while still come sensibly priced. Our hard floor scrubbers continue to be received well in the market due to their reliability and performance that they continue to offer.


  • Cost effective: Our scrubbers are known for being the most cost effective in the region. This is due to the low consumption of water and detergent while still performing exceptionally well.
  • Versatile: Our scrubbers can virtually clean all the hard floors in one swipe and manoeuvre even narrow aisles and edges
  • Portable: We make sure you will not have any trouble moving your scrubber around, that’s why we come up with scrubbers that can virtually go anywhere
  • Eco friendly: Save the environment but still keep it clean with our eco friendly scrubbers

Alphaclean continues to research and develop commercially viable scrubbers for all uses. We have a team of trained staff who will assist you with any needs that might arise. We also have a wide network of distributors in key cities for your convenience when you want serviceable parts or repairs. At Alphaclean, the customer is the King; make a call today for the most cost effective cleaning solution.