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I-Mop XL – Flexible, Effective and Fast Autoscrubber 

Want to see the I-Mop XL in action?

The i-Mop XL solves the problems of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers.

The ultra-low profile 7cm deck on the i-mop xl allows you to clean floors around and underneath objects that you could previously only mop. With 350rpm brushes and 22kg of scrubbing pressure, the cleaning power of the i-mop produces excellent results. Cleaning up to 1800 sqm per hour, the i-mop xl cleans floors faster and with better results than traditional wet mopping.

With 2 sets of batteries your i-mop will never need to take a nap. The i-mop xl runs on easily changed i-power batteries, with an optional second set of batteries giving it the ability to run 24/7 with a single machine. Try that with a traditional battery scrubber! 

The i-Mop XL is also available in a basic, plus or pro range, see table for more details. 

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