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Alphaclean is the leading scrubber supplier in the whole region. We produce a wide range from ride on to walk behind scrubbers; or if you like you can get yourself a battery or electric scrubber. Our marble scrubbers are the number one in Australia when it comes to cleaning marble floors. We do realize that you value your marble floor and that’s why we come up with a scrubber that will specifically not only clean, scrub and dry your marble floor, but will also restore it.  Our scrubber takes years of research before they are produced and released into the market.

For a clean professional wash for your marble floor, try our marble scrubbers and you will notice the difference. We serve a wide base of clients across the industry including hotels, aviation, superstores, departmental stores, institutions and many more clients in the entire region. Our scrubbers are known for being robust and manoeuvrability, that is why they are the number one choice.


  • Simple control panel: Our scrubbers feature a simple control panel that does not require a genius to operate. Within minutes of acquiring the scrubber, you will be able to start washing your marble floor.
  • Manoeuvrability:  Our scrubber can practically fit any where, whether it is those narrow aisles, or sharp edges; Alphaclean scrubbers will do a perfect job.
  • Powerful and Innovative: Our marble scrubbers are powerful and have the latest in terms of innovative features. Power saving mode, eco mode etc are some of the features that will save you a lot in terms of costs.

Alphaclean maintains well trained staff to offer back up and after sales service. Our friendly staff are always there to assist you anytime that you make a call. For the best deals for a marble scrubber, please contact us today and you will be surprised at our pocket friendly price.