Medium Scrubbers

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Do You Require A Medium Floor Scrubber

Are you looking for a floor scrubber? Do you know what sort and size you need? Sometimes a medium floor scrubber is the ideal choice, and they can be very effective and easy to use. A medium floor scrubber will be perfect for a range of different types and sizes of floors, and the machines we supply at Alphaclean are among the most reliable and well-built in Australia, as well as being surprisingly affordable. Our market leading floor scrubbers are used by a variety of clients, and we make sure that we keep up with the latest technology to provide you with the best machinery.

The Best Floor Scrubbers are:

  • Compact and portable – You need a portable floor scrubber for ease of movement between cleaning sites, which cuts down on time and cost.
  • Efficient – Our range of scrubbers are designed to use energy in the most efficient manner for further cost saving.
  • Quiet – We make sure that the noise created by the machines we supply is kept to a minimum so as not to disturb others.
  • Long lasting – Our scrubbers are designed not only to be reliable, tough and durable, but also to keep on doing the job for as long as possible. Our scrubbers last many years, and we also offer a full warranty on all our machines so that you know you are getting a floor scrubber that will provide a great return on investment.

Be rest assured that Alphaclean offer a range of market-leading medium floor scrubbers, and we have the experience to know that customers thrive on top quality service, which is what we provide every single time.