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Alphaclean is the leading provider of cleaning solutions in Australia. We provide advanced cleaning equipment to a variety of clients in different sectors including hotels, hospitals, institutions, aviation and many more industries. Our solutions are modern and have been tailored to meet the demands of any prospective client. At Alphaclean, we have a wide variety of cleaning equipment that you can choose from; this include scrubbers and dryers that make your work easier and cost effective.

Our scrubbers are one of the most advanced in the industry with modern features that will definitely make your cleaning experience not only fun but a success.  Our scrubbers boast of some of the most efficient and cost effective cleaning solutions in Australia. They are technologically advanced and do all the cleaning within minutes.

To enjoy the services of our scrubbers to the maximum, you need to regularly maintain your scrubber. Our scrubbers are one of the easiest to maintain and do not need technical knowhow.

By cleaning your scrubber regularly you can be sure that your equipment will last many years down the line. After every use, clean your scrubber with a cleaning detergent to remove all the dirt that is remaining inside after every use. Clean also the gallon and the brushes to ensure all dirt that is remaining on the scrubber is removed. This will ensure that your scrubber lasts many years and give you proper service every other time.

Alphaclean has a dedicated support team to make sure that you get all the assistance required when you purchase the scrubbers from us. We provide after sales service so that you do not get stranded with your equipment in case of any problems that might occur.