Small Scrubbers

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Do You Require A Small Floor Scrubber

Finding a decent small floor scrubber to keep those floors clean and fresh was once a chore, but now you have a fine choice here at Alphaclean, and we offer the very latest models that have been tried, tested and designed by experienced technical teams who know what they are looking for. A market leader in supplying floor scrubbers in Australia, Alphaclean has a range that covers every need. We provide both push, walk behind scrubbers and ride on scrubbers, so we will have the right one for your requirements. We also make sure that you get the very best machine at the very best price, and our scrubbers are designed to use the least amount of power and water in order to increase cost effectiveness.

We Offer Small Floor Scrubbers:

  • With efficient power consumption control so you get excellent cost savings and great performance
  • A range of different models designed to cover all applications ensure that our customers are able to complete any job with ease
  • Portable machines that can be moved from place to place quickly for time saving
  • Capable and well-built machines that cover a great deal of space in a short time
  • Simple to use scrubbers with easy to use controls and the emphasis on getting the job done
  • Tough and hard wearing machines that are designed to last as long as possible
  • Ecologically aware design that means we are doing our bit to help the environment without encroaching on the performance of the cleaner.

Our team of experienced and qualified staff understand perfectly what clients need in a floor scrubber, and will help you find the one for you. We take great pride in offering superb customer and after-sales service, including full warranty packages that guarantee your machine will be fixed in the quickest possible time, and the added assurance of a comprehensive parts catalogue. At Alphaclean you get the service you deserve.